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Winter is Coming!

The Sportsman has season rental packages for kids and adults (now available) that have been inspected and safety tested.  We carry brands ranging from Volkl, Head and Armada. Come by so we can size you up and get you fitted and ready for the season! Not interested in rentals but still need new skis? We have a great selection in right now for a whole new set-up that will help you shred that mountain.

Ski Department Shop & Rental Rates

Shop Rates
We do tune-up and adjustments for ski and snowboards of all sizes. The rates are as follows:
  • Binding Adjustment: $17
  • Binding Mount: $40
  • Binding Re-Mount: $45
  • Hot Wax
    • Ski: $17
    • Board: $20
  • Basic Tune (includes p-tex, belt sand, wax treatment)
    • Ski: $50
    • Board: $60
  • Full Tune (includes edge repair, p-tex, stone grind, wax treatment)
    • Ski: $60
    • Board: $70

Rental Rates
Daily Rentals
- Daily rentals are on a 24 hour period; credit card must be present for a rental to take place
. All daily rentals are on a first come-first serve basis.

Adult Rates
  • Skis: $25+/day
  • Snowboard: $25+/day
  • X/C Skis: 20/day
  • Skate Ski: $22/day
  • Snowshoes: $15/day

Kids Rates
  • Skis: $20/day
  • Snowboard: $20/day
  • X/C Skis: $15/day
  • Snowshoes: $14/day

Season Rentals
- Season rentals are for the whole ski season, November-April. A credit card must be present for a rental to take place.

Adult Rates
  • Skis: $129+ (used) or $199 (new)
  • Snowboard: $129 & up
  • X/C Skis: $199 (used) or $299 (new)
  • Snowshoes: $99

Kids Rates
  • Skis: $69.99 (used) or $129 (new)
  • Snowboard: $69.99 (used) or $129 (new)
  • X/C Skis: $99+
  • Snowshoes: $69

For any questions about rentals or our ski department rates, feel free to call us! 435-752-0211