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Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bag Review

Most skiers are probably very well used to having cold feet once they put their ski boots on. Even with the warmest wool ski socks you can find, once your boots are on you can feel the cold starting to set in. The Heated Boot Bag by Snow Eagle is an excellent way to help solve the problem of cold feet! The Heated Boot Bag warms up your boots and other gear so that your feet and hands will stay warm for hours while skiing. Snow Eagle makes three different styles of bags: the Classic, which happens to be the most popular and can fit all of your gear; the Ajax, which is a smaller model that can still fit your boots, helmet, goggles, and gloves; and the Pro, which is designed for ski racers with a few extra pockets and a bit of extra room. If you don’t want to have cold feet skiing anymore, check out these awesome boot bags!